Introducing TRIS10 ROBOTICS Jan 07, 2014

Welcome to TRIS10 ROBOTICS, an Australian robotics and electronics business. After nearly one year of extensive development and prototyping, we are extremely proud to launch our initial product line and our new website.

After gaining years of experience competing in the RoboCup Junior competitions nationally and internationally as part of team TSR, we found there was a significant gap in the market for products designed for use in RoboCup Junior, especially above the introductory level, and we realised this was a serious shortfall. We wanted to lower both the cost and level of experience needed to participate in robotics so that more schools, more teams and more people could get involved. To achieve this, we analysed what many teams needed and worked with them to develop and provide the best products for the competition, without limiting the learning experience (that is why we provide many as unassembled kits). The EmitIR is a great example of this - we found many teams had two people working on their two robots, but only one expensive soccer ball.

We based most of the product designs, such as the ControlMotion, FindBall, ProtectCircuit and KickBall series, on the tried and tested technology used in the our team's robots (we were an internationally competitive and nationally-winning team). We continuously improved the IR-tracking algorithms used in the FindBall to minimise the power consumption and maximise the responsiveness. While we developed it, we field-tested the prototypes with a number of high school teams, who saw great success while using our products. We worked hard to ensure our products were priced as competitively as possible, as well as being compatible with both Australian and international RoboCup Junior rules (current 2013 versions). We did this without sacrificing quality (we even made sure that our PCBs' edges are beautifully smooth) and have kept both development and assembly in Brisbane, Australia. This has allowed us to do just-in-time assembly as orders arrive. As we did this, we worked with some amazing overseas suppliers, such as our solenoid manufacturer - the only one in the world who can build extremely low resistance solenoids to our specifications. While doing this, we found that we could provide you with small items like screw terminals at much lower rates than other Australian stores, because we were buying in bulk.

Now, we are really excited to share our first sixteen products with you and look forward to developing the robots of the future with you! We hope that we can make robotics and the world of electronics more accessible, more engaging and more advanced. We already have lots of ideas for future products (some are already being prototyped) and we are very interested to hear your feedback and suggestions (email us at There are also going to be regular blog posts introducing new products and examining some of the more complex products, so stay tuned and start building!