Last Chance to Order FindBall Sensors Oct 13, 2017

TRIS10 Robotics began operating over four years ago and has made thousands of FindBall sensors available to robotics teams around the world. It's been amazingly fun and great to see the success of the teams in using the equipment to make fantastic robots but it is now time for new electronics companies to develop innovative products and push educational robotics forward. As such, we have begun retiring all of the products and as of today, have six FindBall NXT sensors left and two FindBall Open sensors remaining. If you're interested in buying spares or trying out the sensors before it's too late, please order soon as these are likely to go within a few days. We unfortunately have no other products left - not even demo models - but are happy to share designs, tips and suggestions to anyone who's interested. Please contact us at and we'll send through anything we can. Thank you for a great journey!