New Product: Vishay TSOP31140 IR Receivers Mar 06, 2014

We have just received a large shipment of Vishay TSOP31140s for our FindBalls, and we now have enough stock to make them available for sale. The TSOP31140s are the sensors used in our FindBall sensors to detect and lock on to the ball. They are 40kHz infrared receiver sensors that have a digital output and are ideal for detecting the RoboCup Junior soccer ball. The TSOP31140 is identical (in all ways) to the deprecated TSOP1140.

We are selling the TSOP31140s in two pack sizes: packs of 5 and packs of 50. We are pleased to say that our prices are up to 80% less than that of of other electronics stores and we look forward to seeing the custom soccer robots and other systems that utilise these sensors. For those looking for an easier to use system with onboard signal analysis, we recommend the FindBall.