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ConnectNXT Breakout NXT/EV3 connector breakout board • RoHS Compliant

The ConnectNXT Breakout is a simple breakout board for the RJ12 (right-side adjusted) connector used on the NXT and EV3. It allows you to connect custom sensors to the LEGO® NXT and EV3, or to connect NXT/EV3-compatible sensors, such as the FindBall NXT, to other microcontrollers. The ConnectNXT Breakout is bidirectional and can be used with any input device (analog, digital or I2C). It breaks out all six pins:

  • Vcc (typically 4.5V on an NXT),
  • GND (the two ground pins are tied together),
  • SDA,
  • SCL, and
  • ANA (the analog pin).

There is also space on the board for optional pull-up resistors on the SDA and SCL lines. The ConnectNXT Breakout comes with two 82K resistors (the recommended value for NXT pull-ups) that you can solder in, however many NXT/EV3-compatible devices already have pull-ups built in.

The ConnectNXT Breakout comes fully assembled except for the header pins and pull-up resistors. These are included and can be easily soldered in but many users don't need them. Fully assembled, the device is 27x21x17mm (L x W x H) and weighs 4g.