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ControlMotion High-powered brushed DC motor controller • RoHS Compliant

The ControlMotion is a very small and easy to use brushed DC motor controller based around the LMD18200T. It can handle between 12V and 55V and 3A continuously (with peak currents of 6A) on the motor, but accepts between 2V and 12V for the IO pins. It's controlled using three digital pins: a PWM pin for speed control, a brake (BRK) pin and a direction (DIR) pin. It is incredibly accurate, fast reacting and all of the required components are already on the ControlMotion. This makes it one of the most useful motor controller boards as it can work anywhere, with any microcontroller and any motor.

In our extensive testing, the ControlMotion does not get warm. If it does however, there is space to mount a heat sink and the device has inbuilt thermal protection, with a thermal warning pin (TCO) and automatic shut-off functionality. The ControlMotion also supports current monitoring through the CSO pin. It has a 1.5k resistor already mounted, providing analog values between 0V and 3.3V.

These devices are designed to work with our ProtectCircuit kits to provide a fused and stable power supply to the motor.

The ControlMotion comes as a kit of parts that can be easily assembled by following our assembly guide below. Once fully assembled, the device is 32x28x23mm (L x W x H) and weighs 12g.