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EmitIR (Retired) Low-cost RCJ soccer ball IR emitter for testing • RoHS Compliant

This product has been retired and is no longer available for purchase. The information below is for reference purposes only.

The EmitIR is a low-cost solution to the problem of how to test a RoboCup Junior soccer robot without an expensive RCJ soccer ball. It emits a perfect 40kHz modulated waveform as specified in RoboCup Junior international rules and RoboCup Junior Australia rules (equivalent to Mode A on an RCJ ball). To make it easy to use everywhere, including in the classroom, home or competition venue, all it requires is power from any USB port using the mini USB-B port that is onboard. If that is not available, it can also accept 5V from the header pins. This makes it a perfect device for testing a pulsed IR sensor, such as the FindBall. The EmitIR even has a plastic bottom case to ensure it is protected from conductive workbenches, laptops and fingers.

The EmitIR also has a number of other useful features: the stepped waveform being outputted can be monitored from the OUT pin using an oscilloscope or other voltage-graphing tool. For testing the long-range capabilities of your robot (without the long distances required by a good sensor), the device can emit lower power levels. For experimental purposes, the step-down modulation can also be disabled completely. This leaves a perfect 40kHz unmodulated infrared source.

The EmitIR comes fully assembled except for the header pins. These are included and can be easily soldered in but most users don't require them. Fully assembled and in the plastic case, the device is 32x22x7mm (L x W x H) and weighs 4g.

Warning: The IR emitter used on the device is high-powered. Use precautions as you would with any strong light source. Whenever the red light is on or flashing, do not look directly at the IR emitter.