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FindBall NXT (Retired) NXT/EV3 sensor for detecting the RCJ soccer ball • RoHS Compliant

This product has been retired.

The FindBall is the best sensor currently available on the market for finding the 40kHz pulsed infrared (IR) waveform of the RoboCup Junior (RCJ) soccer ball. It is the only sensor that is designed specifically for the RoboCup Junior competition and automatically blocks out all other IR sources, including direct sunlight and lights. The FindBall NXT has five pulsed IR sensors on-board, as well as a microprocessor, so it can reliably identify and locate the ball. The FindBall does not just detect the ball, it locks on to its signature and has a range of over 3m (up to 20m in some environments).

The FindBall NXT is designed specifically for the NXT and EV3. It uses I2C to communicate and, straight out of the box, will show up as an ultrasonic sensor, so no additional NXT-G blocks or RobotC libraries are required.

FindBall NXT can also determine the relative distance of the ball from the sensor. To use the strength functionality, RobotC, NXC or similar is required - see the datasheet for more information.

The FindBall NXT comes in a LEGO®-compatible 3D printed red plastic enclosure to collimate the infrared and has a standard NXT/EV3 connector on the back. For more advanced custom soccer teams, we recommend using the FindBall Open.

To make testing easier without requiring an RCJ ball, inexpensive devices such as the EmitIR can accurately simulate the waveforms of the ball.

A specialised NXT-G / Mindstorms software block and example code for RobotC is coming soon, however the sensor can also be used just by using it as a standard LEGO® ultrasonic sensor.