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FindBall Open Powerful RCJ soccer ball locating sensor for custom robots • RoHS Compliant

The FindBall is the best sensor in the market for finding the 40kHz pulsed infrared (IR) waveform of the RoboCup Junior (RCJ) soccer ball. It is the only sensor that is designed specifically for the RoboCup Junior competition and automatically blocks out all other IR sources, including direct sunlight and lights. The FindBall does not just detect the ball, it locks on to its signature and has a range of over 3m (up to 20m in some environments).

The FindBall Open has five pulsed IR sensors (designed for 40kHz) that can be placed anywhere on the robot, as well as an onboard microprocessor, so it can identify and locate the ball. It can also determine the relative distance of the ball in four coarse steps. To make testing easier, devices such as the EmitIR can simulate the long distances and waveforms of the ball.

The FindBall Open is designed for use on custom soccer robots. It comes with five IR sensors on individual mounting boards that can be embedded around the outside of the robot, as well as the main processing board with 2.54mm (0.1") pitch connectors for the IR sensors. The FindBall Open uses I2C to communicate (one of two addresses can be selected - if you need others please contact us) and requires 5V. This makes it easy to work with most microcontrollers and devices, such as the ProtectCircuit that has seven powered I2C bays on-board.

For NXT/EV3 based robots, the FindBall NXT is an all-in-one-box solution that uses the same IR detection technology. The FindBall Open uses TSOP31140 sensors that we also sell individually, however to locate the ball, you will need a dedicated processor and advanced algorithms.

The FindBall Open comes as a kit of parts that can be easily assembled using a soldering iron to meet any configuration.