TSOP31140 - Pack of 5 product image 1 Price $8.00 Quantity RETIRED

TSOP31140 - Pack of 5 40kHz pulsed IR digital detector • RoHS Compliant

Due to popular demand, TSOP31140 IR sensors are currently unavailable. FindBall NXT and FindBall Open sensors are still available.

The Vishay TSOP31140 is the 40kHz IR sensor we utilise on the FindBall Open and FindBall NXT. It is the only IR detector that Vishay sells, capable of detecting the waveform of the RCJ ball. To use these to detect the RoboCup Junior soccer ball, you will need to use a very precise time-based algorithm, so we recommend using a dedicated processor. For most teams, we suggest using the FindBall Open or FindBall NXT, which already have a dedicated microcontroller, TSOP31140s and competition-proven algorithms.

This is a pack of 5 TSOP31140s, we also have a pack of 50 available.

If you are building your own controller we suggest using an EmitIR to inexpensively provide identical characteristics and waveform as the official RCJ-05 ball during development and testing.