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KickBall Controller (Retired) Controller and charge pump for kicking • RoHS Compliant

This product has been retired and is no longer available for purchase. The information below is for reference purposes only.

The KickBall Controller is designed to provide a high efficiency controller and drive circuit for the KickBall Solenoid. It automatically charges a very large (30000uF) capacitor network to the supplied voltage (designed for 12-15 volts, absolute maximum is 24V) ready for kicking. When the SIG pin is raised (to 3.3V or 5V), the capacitors discharge directly into the attached ultra-low resistance solenoid. It ensures a high-power kick for any soccer robot. The KickBall Controller also provides the charge status as an analog voltage from 0V (fully discharged) to 4.8V (indicating fully charged if using 15V) so that you can kick only when fully charged. We have tested this controller for over 5000 full-power kicks without a single issue.

The KickBall Controller is designed to meet the strenuous requirements of the RoboCup Junior International 2013 and RoboCup Junior Australia 2013 soccer rules. It accepts a voltage between 5V and 24V (recommended: 12V to 15V for RCJ rules compliance) and does not contain any voltage pumps or multipliers. The ProtectCircuit easily connects to the KickBall Controller power supply and can provide a stable and fused power supply.

The KickBall Controller comes as a kit that requires basic soldering to assemble. All the parts (except the solenoid, see KickBall Solenoid) are included, so only a soldering iron and solder are required. It is relatively simple to do, so it can be given to students to assemble for their robots. See the assembly guide below for more information.

When fully assembled, the KickBall controller is 66x61x38mm (L x W x H) and weighs 80g.

Warning: This circuit is designed specifically for the ultra-low resistance KickBall Solenoid, and should not be used with any other solenoid. It is designed to handle peak currents of up to 24A and its design should not be modified, except by qualified persons. When working with the board, ensure the capacitors have fully discharged. There is an on-board discharge circuit that takes approximately twenty minutes to fully discharge the capacitors after disconnecting Vin.

You may prefer to purchase the KickBall Kit, which includes everything you need to make a powerful kicking system.