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KickBall Solenoid (Retired) Low-resistance solenoid designed for kicking • RoHS Compliant

This product has been retired and is no longer available for purchase. The information below is for reference purposes only.

The KickBall Solenoid is the only solenoid on the market specifically designed for kicking from RoboCup (both Junior and Small Sized League) soccer robots. It has been designed to deliver the maximum kicking power by having an Ultra Low Resistance (ULR) of just 0.64 ohms (remember, P = V2 / R). It has a maximum shaft length of 26mm (from the front of the solenoid to the tip of the plunger) to optimise the contact time with the ball while kicking. We have tested the KickBall Solenoid for over 5000 kicks without a single issue, however, should you need it, the KickBall Spares Kit contains some of the parts most likely to get lost or damaged.

The KickBall Solenoid is optimised to work with our KickBall Controller, which provides both a control interface and charge storage system for the solenoid while maintaining the ULR of the circuit. The KickBall Kit provides everything needed to make a kicking system. If you are not planning on using KickBall Controller, you will require a VH3.96 male connector to connect with the solenoid.

The KickBall Solenoid weighs 165g (excluding packaging). For dimensions and technical drawings, see the data sheet below.