TrackMotion (Retired) product image 1 Price $38.00 Quantity RETIRED

TrackMotion (Retired) 3-axis integrated gyroscope accelerometer and magnetometer breakout board • RoHS Compliant

Since the creation of the TrackMotion, the IMU market has improved significantly. As such, this product has now been retired and is no longer available for purchase. We recommend the Sparkfun IMU breakout.

The information below is for reference purposes only.

The TrackMotion is a nine-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that contains a three-axis accelerometer, a three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis magnetometer, all in one tiny chip (an MPU-9150 from Invensense). All three components are fast updating (up to 8000Hz for the gyroscope and 1000Hz for the accelerometer) and are very accurate. Each sensor has a full-scale configurable range and has inbuilt noise filtering and automatic temperature compensation. The TrackMotion also has inbuilt free-fall (zero-g) detection and high-g detection.

The TrackMotion has an easy-to-use I2C interface and runs on 3.3V (it is not 5V tolerant). It also has an extremely low current draw (a maximum of 6 mA), making it ideal for robots that need highly accurate motion tracking with minimal power consumption in a tiny package.

To make the board just 15x15x4mm (LxWxH) and weigh less than 1g, only Vcc (3.3V), GND, SDA and SCL are broken out.

A logic level converter is required to use this device at 5V.